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How Do You Find the Best Scripted Dramas on Cable? It’s Easy as A. M. C. (via Hey! Do You Like Apples?)

Found this today via twitter. A really good piece discussing the plethora of networks there are out there today. And how their competitiveness has raised the bar for what is considered a good drama.

How Do You Find the Best Scripted Dramas on Cable?  It's Easy as A. M. C. For a long time on the drama side on television it seemed as if it was network TV and then HBO.  There was no other cable channel to even put up a fight against the juggernaut that was the HBO machine.  Over time that has obviously changed.  HBO has struggled finding their identity in the drama department ever since "The Sopranos" went off the air.  Honestly, one could argue "The Sopranos" was all they had to offer dramatically towards the end of … Read More

via Hey! Do You Like Apples?


Heroes, BBC2, Wednesday 9pm

Heroes is back for an extremely anticipated third series! For those of you that have never watched this adventurous drama, it is X Men on the rocks with a twist. There are surprises at every single corner but several things set it apart from other American thrillers. You want to escape to this fantasy version of our world where supernatural beings exist.

In the first series, these gifted people are brought together to save the planet (and the cheerleader). Each gift is very unique and helpful to the cause. When Hiro, a desk clerk from Hong Kong finds out he can time travel, he also discovers that the end of the world is close by. With the inadvertent help of the Petrelli brothers, the cheerleader and a few others he goes on his mission.

Series two introduces some new characters, helps us get to know the existing ones and the significance of their relationships to one another. Always running along side the many intertwined story lines is our relentless villain, Silas. His gift is knowing how things work. We aren’t quite sure how he steals powers except that he lasers their head open and we believe eats their brain. Maybe, we’re wrong. If you have any other theory, we’d love to hear them.


Adorable and hilarious: Hiro

Anyway, all bets are on that the new series called Chapter Three, Villains, is going to be as addictive as the last two. So far, the cliff hangers are dramatic have been interesting enough, that you are always be hungry for more.