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February 12, 2010, 2:38 pm
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If you’re finding it hard to fall asleep, put on an episode of the latest series of Heroes. To say it is abismal is an understatement. If you’re a loyal follower, you’ll know that

Sitting Stiff as their Show

although there is usually one or two disappointing episodes, you will still see it through till the end of the series with enough viewing satisfaction. But this time, you’ll find yourself feeling cheated till the very end of the series. The main problem being: you’ve seen most of it all before.

There are new characters but they just aren’t that interesting. There’s a deaf girl who randomly starts to see colours come off sound. First she sees it from her tap dripping and then eventually from a cello. If she plays it vehemently enough, the colours can physically hit things, like leaving holes in walls, for example. Eventually it turns out that when she plays the cello, it can attract people to her. It’s a pretty weird power.

They’ve also found a new villain: Samuel, who runs a carnival of “specials” and who thrives off other people’s powers. But he just doesn’t have the same charisma of Silar, who by the way is now turning good. There are a few other’s that come and go, like an invisible girl and a woman who can see the future. However, most of them are not very convincing actors.

Our main characters are all very much the same. Clare, the cheerleader has started college and is “struggling” to fit in. She still has her usual trust problems with her Dad. Peter is still trying to be the ultimate hero. Matt Parkman is still a cringeworthy actor and Suresh is still a bit of a drip (one bonus – there’s a lot less of Suresh, now). Frosty Tracy is still having problems holding her water. The one tragedy is the loveliest good guy, Hiro is dying from a brain tumour.

But none of the plots that they have at episode 1 seem to be carried through the series. I must have popped to the loo when Hiro was cured from his tumour or when Tracy figured out how to stop freezing herself. There is, also, a plot where Clare has a kiss with her new roommate Gretchen…but this lesbian plot turned out to be just another red herring. It was like they got two-thirds through the chapter and then suddenly did a handbreak turn and focused all the attention on Samuel and his carnival.

Sorry if this all seems a bit harsh, but lovers of this show will agree that when Heroes began it was full of thrills, great cliff-hangers and intriguing characters. One positive aspect is that the visual effects have remained fantastic throughout all four season’s.

*SPOILER* As usual, it all ends with the beginning of the next series – Chapter Five – where Clare uses the attention of the whole New York press to jump off the top of a Ferris Wheel. But whether this season will happen, is yet to be confirmed.


Desperate Housewives, E4 (UK) and ABC
October 7, 2008, 12:55 pm
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Move over Eve and watch out Adam

Move over Eve and watch out Adam

Merge together SATC’s Samantha, Charlotte, Carrie and Miranda and you get the typical modern city girl. The same thing happens with the Desperate Housewives but this time representing the archetype of a middle aged, middle class woman of suburbia. Bree the perfectionist;Susan the quirky crazy one; Lynette the business woman and; Gabi the sassy sexy ex-model. If you’ve been to Cobham, Surrey, you’ll know what I mean.

Set in Wisteria Lane, it’s always highlights what every community understands: no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Every series a strange new neighbour moves onto the cul-de-sac with some dark secret that unravels itself over the season. The end of series four is just finishing in the UK at the moment. Bree’s most threatening rival (and close friend) Cathy is having a hard time from her violent ex-husband who is vehement to reconnect with his daughter. This is actually not as exciting as you’d think. And after watching a few series of these kind of cliffhangers, it is hard to muster up enthusiasm.

These days television is fast moving and although suspense is still important, most writers are focusing on detailed woven stories with optimal character development more than patronising their audience with silly plot questions over characters you don’t really know or care about.

No, no Marcia - putrid orange and ginger hair will never go.

No, no Marcia - putrid orange and ginger hair will never go.

But Season 5’s (started in US on 28 September) Desperate Housewives sees our four fave girls in five years time. New challenges, new politics and a new mysterious villain has moved in: Edie’s husband.

Spoilt, shallow Gabi is now the mother of two overweight, hyperactive girls and still married to blind masseur, Carlos Solis. Bree is now Wisteria Lane’s answer to Martha Stewart and is estranged from both her daughter and granddaughter. Lynette now has three strapping teenage boys all with bad boy tendencies to get in trouble with the law. And Susan….I will let you see for yourself.