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April 11, 2011, 4:03 pm
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Prepare to laugh out loud with this bunch of lovable misfits. From the makers of Frasier and Golden Girls, this ensemble comedy has a top-class cast to deliver quick-witted, often dry and sassy dialogue. And opposed to 30 Rock, it is in a setting that all of us can relate to: family life. Included within the cast are three very different sets of families all connected by a father and his grown up daughter and son.

From top left and clockwise Haley, Gloria, Clare, Cameron, Alex, baby Lilly, Mitchell, Jay, Luke, Manny, Phil.

The traditional nuclear family is headed by his daughter, Claire Dunphy and her goofy husband, Phil. Her brother, Mitchel is part of a loved up gay couple who’ve just adopted the cutest Vietnamese baby ever. And their Dad, Jay is starting a brand new family with his new vibrant, young wife Gloria and her wise beyond his years, thirteen year old son, Manny.

From the creators of Frasier and Golden Girls, Modern Family shares the same kind of tightly written scripts where everything fits more perfectly together than origami. The writers have woven the character’s plot threads with effortless grace to set up hilarious one-liners. Catching an episode every now and again is easy;  you don’t have to worry about missing something if you don’t watch them in chronological roder. It doesn’t need to draw you in with complicated storylines that drag on forever or mysterious happenings that unravel themselves through the series. A little like the Simpsons, each episode just is.

Although rare, every now and again you get a show where everybody can watch. After Friend’s, I think many of us telly-addicts and coach potatoes had given up hope. Bit Modern Family delivers a show you can watch again and again.