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Dawn Porter; Mail Order Bride – Channel 4, Tuesday, 10pm
October 8, 2008, 2:00 pm
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The look for love is in her eyes

The look for love is in her eyes

She has the public girl school charm of Daisy Donovan but with a sincerity and sophistication that sets her apart. Usually hands on with her journalistic approach, open-minded Dawn Porter is an inspiration to anyone interesting in society at all. For instance, her first documentary show you what happens to you, if you take all steps necessary to be a size zero (starving for two months). You always get to follow her through an incredible journey, sitting in awe on your sofa at the lengths she’ll take. Although she was just a spectator and inquisitor on Mail Order Bride, it still has that quality to it.

Dawn Porter; Mail Order Bride is part of a Channel 4 series concerned with finding love and our diverse perspectives on it. The whole episode centres around a coach full of American men and their trip for a week in the Ukraine to find love through a mail order bride agency.

It’s terrifying some of the men out there – I’d love to blame it on the fact they’re American but I’m pretty sure there are plenty all over the world. There’s nothing wrong with a man who can’t find love in their own home, unless it’s because they’re unhinged. And there are a few on here that will scare you more than a villain in a thriller.

There’s Kevin, the trucker who drives round America with a mattress in the back for one night stands. Morbidly obese, reeking of BO with pongy breath, he manically chuckles at himself that he would sleep with anyone. He describes himself as a big kid who enjoys watching Hannah Montana (an American show for young teenage girls). And Marc, the short, plastically enhanced business with three divorces under his belt. At the party he tries to win the affections of beautiful Irena, an interior designer. When she moves on to talk to someone else, he comes across as egocentric, highly dellusional and slightly psychotic as he tries it on with Miss Porter.

Isn't this a great pic?

Isn't this a great pic??

One highlight is Dawn’s interview with the agency director. It puts the whole thing into perspective whilst raising some interesting questions. She points out that Ukraine’s economy has gotten stronger since joinign the EU. Which makes you wonder why these girls want to move to America (especially after meeting the US representatives). And then she becomes very defensive when asked about Kevin who is clearly a little odd – and that’s putting it mildly.

All in all this is very enjoyable – nosing into other peoples alternative lives is great fun. But I wonder if there could have been a bit more depth to it. She has proved herself a wonderful journalist but what about some more gritty investigation? But perhaps that is her trick – you always want more.

If you are endeared by Bridget Jones and are interested in anything to do with love, sex and relationships, then try and catch the next one. She’s like the popular girl from your school days – stylish, intelligent and gutsy. It’s also a great remote control flick option to let your boyfriend know you’ve had enough of Top Gear.


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The pic of Dawn with the Hollywood pic is so cool! I love it. 🙂 x

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