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Jamie’s Ministry of Food, Tuesday 9pm, Channel 4
Pensively taking on a nation

Pensively taking on a nation

The cheeky geezer chef from London, Jamie Oliver, has enthusiastically taken viewers on many a mission. Most memorably the strenuous creation of his new London restaurant and the fight to re-educate Britains school children to why Turkey twizzlers are bad for you. No one can deny that he has found his niche as the UK’s political tv chef. The concept behind his new series, Jamie’s Ministry of Food is a bit like a massive pyramid scheme for the nation: he has taught a small group of people in Rotherham and they have to pass on these skills to a small quota of friends with the intention of keeping the chain going.

The idea is great but will he really be able to pull it off? Bringing water to the boil may be simple for Jamie but can our general public pass these types of things after just one lesson? Can he really keep our interest long enough to steer away from ready made meals. I think it’s going to take a lot more work than that. But, although I am intrigued to find out what happens, I’m not sure I’ll be watching avidly.

No escape from the Oliver

No escape from the Oliver

It’s undeniable that he has a good affect on the nation but I find Jamie quite irritating, very cocky and a little hectic. He reminds me a bit of Madonna – a complete exhibitionist with a great business sense. Already he has launched the book, Ministry of Food(£12.50). It wouldn’t surprise me if there is some other forms of merchandise on the way – MoF mugs and plates perhaps?

Saying that, I love his website and the Channel 4 one (click on picture). They are easy to use and means people can look it all up in their own time. I really like that he gives a list of basic utensils, including a colander and a non stick frying pan. Just in case you don’t know what these are, he has photos. Genius. Some of you may laugh but I think it is that type of simplicity that may win the hearts of our culinary dummies. 


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