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How Do You Find the Best Scripted Dramas on Cable? It’s Easy as A. M. C. (via Hey! Do You Like Apples?)

Found this today via twitter. A really good piece discussing the plethora of networks there are out there today. And how their competitiveness has raised the bar for what is considered a good drama.

How Do You Find the Best Scripted Dramas on Cable?  It's Easy as A. M. C. For a long time on the drama side on television it seemed as if it was network TV and then HBO.  There was no other cable channel to even put up a fight against the juggernaut that was the HBO machine.  Over time that has obviously changed.  HBO has struggled finding their identity in the drama department ever since "The Sopranos" went off the air.  Honestly, one could argue "The Sopranos" was all they had to offer dramatically towards the end of … Read More

via Hey! Do You Like Apples?


Californication, Channel 5 (UK), Showtime
Suffering from riders block

Suffering from riders block

Approaching is the long awaited second series of this highly original, witty television drama about a troubled but chilled, sex addicted writer living in California. If you have not watched the first series, you have missed the least formulaic show in television history.

We watch while our hero, Hank, struggles to win back the mother (Karen) of his much loved daughter (Becca). And, at the same time. get himself out of some serious scrapes including sleeping with a 16 year old girl who turns out to be the daughter of Karen’s new boyfriend. 

The dialogue is the most refreshing aspect of this comedy. They say that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but you may disagree when you hear it coming from David Duchovny. Even though the storylines can be quite heavy such as statutory rape or living in a broken family,the rock n roll attitudes of the cast give them a lighter edge.

Hank can get women to laugh at comments that would usually get men a slap in the face. It gives him a strong air of mystery. His sexy demeanor and quick wit is especially appealing when he bounces off his neurotic, Jewish literary agent (and best friend), Charlie. He is as morally corrupt as his best bud. Despite being married to his soul mate, he still can’t resist the temptation when his secretary invites him to discipline her.

This is another showtime production, like Weeds. They seem to breed shows that are fresh and cutting edge. With Californication in particular, there is something for everyone to enjoy, without being spoonfed a block of cheese. Season 2 starts in America on Sunday 28th September. As soon as we know the dates for UK, we will publish them.

WEEDS, Sky One, Showtime
September 21, 2008, 6:27 pm
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Weeds on Showtime

Weeds on Showtime

A young widower starts dealing marijuana, in her well-to-do middle class neighbourhood Agrestic, to look after her family. It’s a sassy, black comedy about rolling with the punches when life gets tough. It’s original, quirky and witty at the same time.



Our protagonist, Nancy, gets herself out of some serious shit with grace and usually, a bit of jamminess. Alongside, Nancy’s farcical shenanigans, you get to enjoy the hilarious escapades of the other inhabitants of Agrestic. This includes Doug, the always baked accountant and Celia, the uptight, insensitive, bitch from hell neighbour. They both have the most comic value and satirically show what the American Dream gives to you: an addiction to sex, drugs and alcohol. 

The writers of Weeds clearly like to mix things up which strangely gives the half hour balance. It touches on how both halves live and the issues that come with it. Nancy works with many minority groups throughout the four series. And she comes across many other worlds including heroine dealers, gang warfare and even sex slave smugglers. But at all times, you will be lightly entertained by the characters reactions and dealings with these things and each other.

The shameful thing with this show is the length and the opportunity to see it. It is a showtime production in the USA and on Sky One here. So unless you pay for these channels, you will have to buy the box sets. I guarantee they’re worth it.